University of Southern California Live Calligraphy Performance

Japanese Cultural Festival


DATE: Mar 2015

PLACE: University of Southern California, Pacific Asia Museum


Wagen Aigo" - Meaning : A gentle smile and
treating people in a considerate and thoughtful manner.

I start living abroad (LA) from nothing,
and expanding the calligraphy has been a series of difficulties, though,
I myself always want to be with peoceful face and loved inside.
I wrote this with that hope.

“We were all impressed by your performance! In the future, please teach Japanese calligraphy to our members as well.”

Becky SunUSC Program Specialist

“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to assist the calligrapher Shoran.
The atmosphere and sensitivity of the artist,
Momentum is not something we can usually feel,
It was a very stimulating day.

Words contain a very beautiful meaning,
I want to cherish it as something that makes me who I am.
It made me think again. Thank you very much Shoran san!”

Rie KadotaA supporter