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The Art of
Japanese Calligraphy

Master Shodoka and Shodo Instructor, Shoran.

Connecting the World Through Sho

“Connecting the World Through Sho”

Master Shodoka, Shoran

Master Shodoka, Shoran


Shoran is a second generation Shodoka, combining the traditions of Shodo with a global perspective.

From her studio in Shizuoka, Japan, Shoran produces commissioned works and original Shodo art for clientele all over the world.



Client Work

A Moment with MatchaSho


MatchaSho is an original art form produced by Shoran. It is an expression of nature and beauty through matcha as the “ink” for the written script.

Shizuoka is world renowned for its green tea fields and MatchaSho is Shoran’s love letter to her hometown and the beauty and serenity that surrounds it.

Learn Shodo

Learn Shodo


Shodo lessons are offered in-person in Shizuoka, Japan or through virtual private and group lessons on-line. Classes are self-paced and welcome beginner to advanced students throughout the year.

Media and Exhibitions


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