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Learn the Art of Shodo

Japanese Calligraphy Lessons



The Way of Writing

Shodo is translated simply as “the way of writing” and has been practiced by nobility and academics across Asia for millennia. Experience the benefits of Zen Buddhism inherent through the practice of Shodo:

  • Focus
  • Beauty
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Tranquility
  • Breathing
  • Discipline

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Cultural Exchange

The Intersection of Tradition and Globalization

Master Shoran is a certified master Shodo Instructor (Shihan) of the Japan Calligraphy Art Institute (Nihon Shodō Geijutsu-In). Having an interest in the world outside her home country, Master Shoran completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Business at the State University of New York Plattsburgh. She effortlessly combines her traditional teaching of Japanese Calligraphy with her global perspective to offer a unique experience for both Japanese and international students alike. Classes are offered in both English and Japanese.

Japanese Calligraphy Lessons for Everyone

Shodo lessons are offered in-person in Shizuoka, Japan or through virtual private and group lessons on-line. Classes are self-paced and welcome beginner to advanced students throughout the year.

Benefits of Shodo for Children

  • Practice writing and speaking in Japanese
  • Explore Japanese culture
  • Experience the benefits of Shodo teachings

*For children 13 & under

Benefits of Shodo for Adults

  • Improve brush and pen-writing skills
  • Join an international community of Shodoka
  • Expand cultural knowledge of Japan
  • Learn to read and write in Japanese

What Our Students Say

I wanted to improve my Japanese writing, and practice speaking in Japanese. Shoran sensei is a patient teacher and has provided excellent guidance. I have moved up 4 levels over the past year and have look forward to every lesson.

Makiko AraCanada

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Shoran Shodo Lessons

Virtual ShodoXCulture Lesson

Join a community of Shodoka from Japan and around the world in monthly virtual lessons. Get one-on-one feedback directly from instructors through submissions on-line.

Shodo Lessons in Shizuoka

60-minute lessons twice a month for students of all levels. Learn to write beautiful Japanese and challenge yourself for Shodo levels. Lessons are offered in English or Japanese.

MatchaSho™ Experience in Shizuoka

Experience Matcha Calligraphy, an immersive and multi-sensory experience that marries the aromatic allure of matcha with the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy. Take home your own original work of art.

Available for spring/summer 2024

Japanese Calligraphy Experience in Shizuoka

Join as a group or schedule a private lesson to experience a Shodo lesson in English or Japanese. A rare opportunity to experience the art of Japanese calligraphy and take home your own work of art.

Available for spring/summer 2024


Getting started with Virtual Japanese Calligraphy Lessons

The COVID pandemic forced us into lockdown, but the desire for connection and self-improvement flourished. Master Shoran’s virtual Shodo community brings together global-minded individuals through the pursuit of Shodo.


Signup for a FREE trial

Complete the Google Form to join one of our monthly virtual lessons. We have two times each month to accommodate global time zones. Select the time that works best for you.


Signup for a FREE trial

Get details for the trial lesson

Once your preferences are confirmed, Shoran will contact you with information for your free lesson. You will receive the “Otehon” for the month (writing templates) and link to the Zoom lesson.

Join the trial lesson

The ShodoXCulture virtual lessons are 90 minutes long with time for learning, practice, and cultural discussion. Learn the meaning of the monthly “Otehon” and get live feedback on your work. During discussion time, join in on the conversation as students discuss topics of the day and share experiences from their own country. Conversations are in English and Japanese, and translated as needed.

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Ready to join? Select a membership including monthly group lessons, access to the private Facebook group, feedback on submitted work, on-demand access to instructional videos, and much more! You will improve your Japanese writing skills and share your experiences with Shodoka from around the world.

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