Special TV Program "The Challenge of a Beautiful Calligrapher who Spreads Her Wings to the World"

Shoran is a young calligrapher living in Shizuoka. She is about to move her base of activities to the world with calligraphy, which she inherited from her grandfather. She is a former Cabin Attendant, and it is precisely because of this that she feels the allure of Japan. We follow her activities to convey it to the world.


DATE: Feb 2012

TV: Shizuoka Asahi Television, Tobikkiri! Shizuoka


15-17 minutes of activity as Shoran televised.
As a way of trying to share calligraphy, which I became interested in through my grandfather, with the world,
He has been following me for the past few days.
I was also interviewed by our mentor, who once again reflected on half of my life.
I think I am beginning to understand a little more about the feelings toward Japanese Calligraphy that have been warming in my heart.
I performed at Matsuzakaya right after his father passed away,
Special programs have been aired, and from somewhere always gentle and strong,
I could hear my father cheering.

“Ten years after the interview, it's still going strong.
Mr. Shoran faces the calligraphy and runs her brush.
I vividly recall her saying emphatically, "I want to be a bridge between the world and Japan through calligraphy.

I got to know Mr. Shoran, who is in charge of a local information magazine.
It was a word from a female reporter.
'There is a calligrapher with a somewhat unusual background.'
From a flight attendant for a major airline.
She is a "unique" calligrapher.

I didn't know there was such a person in Shizuoka!
With surprise, the impending department store
I got to know she would be appearing at the event
We hurried to get ready for the shoot.

Chocolates with Japanese Calligraphy."
I was also interested in a project that has never been done before,
When we started filming, I was surprised to see Shoran's Calligraphy.
Because when we look on the faces of the female customers each time ishe was completed,
They seemed to be flushed with "surprise" and "excitement.

I can tell you now that at the time of this shoot
It was undecided whether the program would onair.
If not for the excitement surrounding Mr. Shoran and his work,
Cancel the broadcast,
Even if it's so-called "stored away"...
We thought it could not be helped.

In fact, Mr. Shoran.
While talking to people she has never met before in a friendly manner.
To the way she write up a wonderful piece of work,
Perhaps I was most moved by it.

There was another memorable scene during the interview.

This photo was taken at a Japanese language school.
Mr. Shoran to the international students who are about to graduate.
She present Calligraphy performance as a gift,
The students were amazed by her brush strokes and her mannerisms.
They were glued to the floor with a twinkle in their eyes.

The beauty and power of "Japanese Calligraphy''
That it can be transmitted beyond nationality, culture, and gender.
I felt it again.

I myself found "her Calligraphy" very free and beautiful in this interview,
I am one of those who have learned that it is spreading
a world don't know yet.

We sincerely hope that Shoran's originality overflows
the works that bring a smile to everyone's face are
To be known not only in Japan
but also widely around the world.
We wish her best of luck in her endeavors.”