Online Calligraphy for Businesses and Schools
(Sumitomo Corporation/NTT DATA/Ritsumeikan University/Tokyo Keizai University, etc.)


Are you having trouble with these things?

We have had personnel changes and new hires, but I don’t feel a sense of unity among our employees spread around the world.

Language and cultural differences among foreign employees and differences in communication styles hinder smooth work execution and team harmony.

Looking for club activities for self-improvement for Japanese employees.

The team bond feels weak as telecommuting progresses.


For employees from Asia to Europe and the United States,
Learning how to prepare for working in a Japanese company,
And calligraphy lessons adopted as part of the team building.

While also considering communication with both internal members,
We also tell them that the path of calligraphy can be used for business.

For college students, we offer lessons to deepen mutual cultural understanding.

“I learned through calligraphy with employees whom I normally don't meet,
It was nice to see a different side of co-workers.
I think I have learned a little more about Japanese culture.
I am very happy to have had the opportunity to learn from you!
Great session."
Such a beautiful and inspiring workshop!
The art of calligraphy truly captures
the essence of our values."”


We have a better mutual understanding than before.
It has increased our awareness of the need to do a good job as one team!