Product Ambassador, Montblanc Ginza Main Store

Live workshop for writing beautiful characters, making signs, and diagnosing handwriting at Monblanc Ginza Flagship Store - 2019


DATE: 2019

PLACE: Montblanc Ginza Flagship Store

Improving kanji signatures for customers who made a reservation to buy a Montblanc fountain pen, while analyzing their handwriting. Providing advice to customers who wished to improve their handwriting.

Show Window Showcase Piece

I received a request for a collaboration between the new Montblanc fountain pen and Shoran. I wished the piece to resemble a scroll, expressing the quality of flowing lines, so used a long washi scroll and wrote the kana of Manyoshu. In line with the timing of the exhibition, the theme is autumn, the moon, nature, etc. In Ginza, where tourists from all over the world gather, I made a work that fuses the Western style of Montblanc with the Japanese style of calligraphy.

“Thank you very much for your efforts over the two-day event. I heard that it was a great success. Have 3 years already passed? I was very happy that one of my long-cherished dreams came true. On the day of the event, I was so busy that I couldn't really get a chance to take in the event, but It has always been my dream to work with Shoran at Montblanc someday. Shoran is a dignified, intelligent, and elegant calligrapher who I thought embodies Montblanc's brand DNA. I am very happy that we were able to collaborate in this way.”

Emika MamiyaMontblanc Staff

“Throughout the daay, there were tourists who approached the window and took pictures of Shoran's showcase piece in our show window. Thanks to the work, we were able to hold a powerful exhibition. Thank you very much!”

MontblancCustomer Experience Manager