23rd Annual Shizuoka Drum Festival

A collaborative performance with Taiko drums and Tate-fue flute


DATE: November 2014

PLACE: Shizuka City Cultural Center

This piece was created through a live Japanese Calligraphy performance for the annual Taiko Festival. Providing writing for posters and calligraphy for this annual event.


This Japanese Calligraphy performance was in collaboration with the heart thumping beat of the taiko drums and the airy sound of the Tate-Fue (vertical flute). Feeling the synergy of our combined energy allowed me to move freely to create the work.

I could practically hear the inner cry from the soul of each performer, as it echoed throughout the venue.

My grandfather, who was a Shodoka, inspired me to follow the path of Shodo. On this day, my grandmother came to watch my performance for the first time. I chose to wear one of her traditional kimono for the performance. I learned that my grandmother had fixated her gaze on me for the entire performance, and I was truly moved.

“I got goosebumps watching Master Shoran's powerful performance up close. I feel like it's going to be a great year. Thank you for the performance and guidance for the Kakizome.”

Event Participant