"Hagoromo" Noh Performance
Ink Design Collaboration

Ink design and program title design for "Hagoromo" Noh Performance


DATE: 2017

PLACE: Yokohama Noh Theatre

Creation of three apparel pieces inspired by the “Hagoromo” Noh performance. Design of the title characters for the program cover of the “Hagoromo” Noh performance.


Galaxy Dress 1 is an interpretation of the countless stars shining in the galaxy expressed in white, black, and gold. Sumi Dress 2 was designed with the image of "Hagoromo", drawn on Kawamata silk with the theme of "connecting, rising soul, and brilliance".
The texture of the silk fabric was challenging to work on, but this piece was showcased at the Unesco exhibition in Paris.

“Her work was the brightest among the ink-designed costumes on the stage. The ink design and silk are modern, sophisticated and lovely.”