The event was held at the Meguro Gajyoen Hotel Tokyo in the Hyakudan Danten Exhibition Hall. Hyakudan Kaidan is recognized as a tangible cultural property by the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.


DATE: 2019/3/18 – 4/21

PLACE: Meguro Gajyoen

Commissioned to create the title characters for the “Spring’s Blooming Sakura at Hyakudan Kaidan”.


Since the event was held at the hotel along the Meguro River, a place famous for its cherry blossoms, I imagined the concepts of soft, fresh as buds, and puirity.

  1. 寶 (Treasure): Spring’s new life. I captured the joy felt in springtime in one character, “treasure”.
  2. Sakura: The character drawn with matcha calligraphy, has a faint scent of tea leaves.
  3. 潮平萬里江 不二ひとつ うづみのこして わかばかな : 満潮の大河 富士山だけがさすがに埋れず悠然とそびえていること。

“I thought that Master Shoran's matcha calligraphy was symbolic of the sprouting spring. Once again, after seeing the Matcha-Sho, I thought of her work for this project, and we asked her to write the title characters.”

Kei YunokiCultural Assets Event Planning Manager