75th Nisei Week Grand Parade title commission

Nikkei Week Grand Parade title


DATE: September 2019

PLACE: Hollywood, California


In Los Angeles today, not only are there second-generation individuals thriving, but also those of the fourth and fifth generations. However, this is only possible because the preceding generations overcame challenging work and living environments, persevered through prejudice and cultural gaps, and applied themselves with resilience. I've written these words with admiration and respect for such strength.

“Ms. Shoran’s work is powerful and constitutes significant art even here in Hollywood, thus I decided to prominently showcase it at the opening of Nisei Week. In the future, I plan to produce a documentary film about Mr. Matsuran to introduce this wonderful artist, who Japan takes pride in, to the people of Los Angeles.”

Shunsuke Akabane
Producer, United Television Broadcasting Systems