Nadeshiko Association for Coming of Age Ceremony 2016

Calligraphy performance in collaboration with traditional Japanese musical instruments


DATE: Feb 2016



Japanese traditional instrumentalists (koto, tsugaru shamisen, shakuhachi, and taiko drums) living in L.A. and
A special one-day collaboration was held.
We wanted all of who are coming of age to feel the pride and traditions of being Japanese in person.
that's why we have decided to make this collaboration.

“Shoran san. I have yet to meet anyone who writes better than you. It is my favorite and I will keep it until it falls apart. Many people take pictures in front of this calligraphy board every year.”

Takako SasakiCEO of Nadeshiko kai

“This year I was near the reception desk so I could watch your board whole time.
I also take a picture in front of this every year ❤️
One of parents said, "How magnificent!"
Who wrote this?" I was asked,
and I answer bossy It's Shoran, a beautiful calligrapher!" ♥︎”

Akemi HananoCEO of Nadeshiko kai