Matsuya Ginza Corporate Gala Performance


DATE : 01/2018
PLACE : Ryudo Vintage, Mejiro Tokyo


As my brush touched the gold canvas, I felt a collective hush fall through the grand ballroom. Despite performing for hundreds of people, there is a certain tranquility that envelops me during such a performance. It was a great honor to perform and present my work for a company with such a long history of excellence.

"萬世福 Manseihuku"

This character signifies "everlasting happiness," wishing for your perpetual bliss. Additionally, there are pine and crane motifs depicted above and below the text. This is inspired by the "Pine tree", symbol of Matsuya.

Pine and crane are symbols of longevity. With the hope of a long-lasting relationship between you and Matsuya, and to wish for everyone's enduring health, these symbols are included.

“It was our great honor to have Shoran perform for our most valued clients. The performance and work exceeded our expectations.”

Manager of Corporate Events