MatchaSho® Industry Event at Gyokuro No Sato

As part of a Shizuoka FAM trip, industry insiders and media were invited to experience MatchaSho® at the beautiful Gyokuro No Sato. With Japan opening up to tourism again after the COVID pandemic, it was an opportunity for international visitors to experience this unique experience.

About the Event

MatchaSho® is a uniquely Shizuoka experience, combining the traditional art of Japanese Calligraphy with Green Tea. As the faint bitter-sweet scent of Matcha wafts through the air, bring your brush to paper to see what inspires you.

“We are so pleased to welcome foreign travellers from around the world, back to Shizuoka. We invite you to visit the Gyokuro No Sato facility and experience green tea at its finest.”

Manager of Corporate Events