MatchaSho®︎ Experience for Cruise Guests

MatchaSho®︎ Experience for International Guests on a Cruise Visiting Japan

Master Shoran demonstrates strokes of Shodo in red ink


DATE: 2024

PLACE: Shizuoka, Japan

MatchaSho (Tea Ceremony ) Calligraphy Experience on a Cruise: A Journey into Unforgettable Japanese Culture


Visitors to Shizuoka during a cruise ship stop discovered the joy of Matcha Sho calligraphy, a unique cultural experience led by Master Shoran. This one-hour session allowed guests to delve into the art of Japanese calligraphy, creating personal messages in beautiful characters.

Participants marveled at their own creations, making the experience a memorable one on their journey in Japan. The pride and joy in their achievements were evident, with many capturing these moments with photographs.

Offered exclusively in Shizuoka by Shoran, Matcha Sho calligraphy is an innovative blend of art and tradition, potentially accompanied by a native speaker for an immersive experience. This has sparked curiosity among future visitors eager to participate in their next visit.

Matcha Sho calligraphy combines the calming essence of matcha with the beauty of Japanese characters, offering a tranquil escape and a creative outlet. This experience is poised to enhance Shizuoka's appeal to international travelers and cruise ship guests alike, showcasing the prefecture's splendid natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Through the lens of Matcha Sho calligraphy, visitors gain a deeper appreciation for Shizuoka, leaving with not only a personalized piece of art, but also a lasting impression of the region's captivating charm.
As Shizuoka continues to open its doors, it welcomes new faces and inspirations, promising an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the canvas.