Kizuna's South Bay Nikkei Discovery Camp

Summer Camp Lesson for Kizuna family


DATE: July 2015

PLACE: JCI Gardena, LA

Sumer Camp for  Kizuna members for

over 70 elementary and middle school students and 20 adults.


Japanese Calligraphy presentation and practicing
for about 70 kids and their parents.

“The calligraphy activity demonstrated Shoran’s artistic mastery of Japanese calligraphy, including but not limited to her knowledge of calligraphy’s history and the supplies necessary to do the art form, and her ability to teach about the various techniques of writing. Furthermore, the culmination of the workshop was the creation of a final project consisting of a gigantic poster that each student contributed their writing to, which looked wonderful and authentically Japanese. She was able to effectively teach the large crowd of students and successfully complete the final project by managing the students to work together. We heard nothing but positive feedback from both the students and adults, and the workshop was a complete success.
I give Shoran my recommendation and am confident that she will be an outstanding contributor to whatever future endeavors she pursues.”

Paul MatsushimaProgram Manager